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Children and Adolescents

I have provided counselling for children and teens, for a decade as a School Social Worker, with the Toronto District School Board.  I have extensive knowledge of the struggles that children of all ages experience at school.  My shared experience and knowledge of the school system helps parents navigate through this educational institution. 

There are many problems children and teenagers experience.  I have vast experience providing counselling services to those who have experienced emotional and behaviour concerns including learning disabilities and attention difficulties (ADD, ADHD), fire setting behaviours, stress and anxiety, depression,  anger and acting out, self-harming behaviours, suicidal and homicidal ideation, school avoidance, serious illness, homework difficulties, friendship dynamics, family challenges, and major transitions such as moves, divorce and other significant life events. 

I assist children through individual therapy, family therapy, group work, mindfulness meditation,  Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (CBT), TAPP-C (for fire play/setting behaviours), social skills lessons and 
Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), an effective way to treat trauma in children.

SINGLE SESSION THERAPY: Based on a walk-in clinic model, single sessions offer a one time session that is brief, usually in 2 hour blocks of time, focussing on the immediate problem, and concludes with specific recommendations. Although a client doesn't actually "walk-in", sessions are scheduled in close proximity to the stressor and are given priority.  These sessions are excellent for kids and teens who are experiencing a stressor and could use a some help getting "un-stuck".  Such situational stressors may include mounting peer problems, suspension, school avoidance/absences, loss, and family conflict.


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